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With smart phones in everyone’s hand, System Management Group has developed a game plan to change your home to a smart home.  The old, “dumb” security systems of the past are out, and smart homes with automation will bring you in to the 21st century.  System Management Group will walk you through adding doors locks, light switches, thermostats, blinds, etc. so you can control all of these items remotely.

  • BICSI Corporate Member
  • NFPA Accreditation
  • OSHA Accreditation
  • CEDIA Accreditation
  • Apartment Association Metro Denver Accreditation
  • Siemens Accreditations
  • Net Vendor
  • CPM
  • NICET Accreditation
  • Compliance Depot Accreditation
  • Procore Accreditation
  • RMIS Accreditation